Emerging Brands Program

Our Emerging Brands program started because we’ve been getting so many requests from wonderful brands to be added to our growing database. This, of course, is awesome! But we saw that they could get lost in the sea of other products and they may want an opportunity to be highlighted. We thought a better way to serve newer brands would be to create an Emerging Brands program, which will showcase them by creating a post about about one of their products, along with an interview and some social media & inclusion in our newsletter. They will of course be added to the database as well. This does come with a small fee, and we will also only work with companies that meet the Kind Eye standards.

Product Mentions in Posts

When we mention products and stores within blog posts, we’ll indicate where a brand has provided us with the product with an * and a brief note at the bottom. We do not write about products that don’t live up to the Kind Eye standards and these words are our own honest accounts.

Affiliate Links

We are, ultimately, an information resource and not an online store. That said, we recognize how important it is to be able to find a product quickly, so we’ve developed partnerships with great online stores that have philosophies similar to our own. We intentionally do not link to Amazon or Google Shopping, and instead have chosen to link to the list of stores below. In some of these cases they are affiliate links, which means that we make a tiny commission should you choose to purchase a product you’ve found on this site.

By purchasing from links that originate from here it’s a way to show your support for Kind Eye without having to lift a financial finger.

That said, we don’t exclusively use affiliate links. We love some brands that don’t offer affiliate links and that’s a-okay! We will just include a link to their online store so you can purchase directly from them without a commission on our end. In any case, your experience will be the same for any product. There will always be a link to buy online.

Affiliate Stores

Credo Beauty – Credo Beauty is a newer kid on the online safe beauty scene, but they’re kind of genius. They’ve worked hard to curate a stunning list of brands and have video of founders telling their story. They do an excellent job of sharing information, telling powerful stories and making it easy for you to find high quality, safe beauty products.

Integrity Botanicals – Integrity Botanicals, in a word, rocks. They are so inline with the Kind Eye mission and you just can’t go wrong when buying from them. They carry some of our favorite brands, and offer a fabulous selection of travel sized products too (tough when it comes to the eco-friendly products!). They’re also nice humans who run the store, too, which is always an enormous plus!

The Detox Market – With a brick and mortar store in Los Angeles and Toronto, the Detox Market has expanded their reach with an incredible online presence. With dozens of safe, effective brands to choose from, and experts doing the research, it’s hard to go wrong with this collection of excellent!

PemberleyJones – PemJo started out as a blogger several years ago and recently began offering products with her own online store. Brilliant! She has been doing research on these products for years and knows what works and what’s safe. We heart her!

BeauTeaBar – BeauTeaBar, founded by the lovely Marissa Waller, believes you can have your great beauty products AND have them not filled with harsh chemicals and carcinogens. Revolutionary! Her stylish store showcases some of the cleanest, coolest brands around. We heart BeauTeaBar!

Pharmaca – Pharmaca is an amazing store that carries a wide selection of personal care products. They started as a brick and mortar store in Colorado and have since grown to almost 30 stores all along the West Coast. They have a great online store with frequent discounts on products you can find here. We are affiliate partners with them.

Abe’s Market – Abe’s Market is an incredible online store filled with products from brands you will fall in love with. All brands are mission-focused and in line with our standards. They lovingly tell the stories of the brands they carry, intentionally building relationships with these smaller companies and helping to promote and sell their products. We are affiliate partners with them.

BeautyHabit – BeautyHabit, the “modern luxe apothecary”, is an online store filled with an impressive list of beauty brands. While they are not exclusively eco-friendly, they have a large selection of sustainable brands that we love. We are affiliate partners with them.