Online Stores


So you don’t have time to run to a store to pick up a product. That’s cool. But you don’t have to go to Amazon either. Here are some online stores we heart, and why:


BeauTeaBar – BeauTeaBar, founded by the lovely Marissa Waller, believes you can have your great beauty products AND have them not filled with harsh chemicals and carcinogens. Revolutionary! Her stylish store showcases some of the cleanest, coolest brands around. We heart BeauTeaBar!

The Choosy Chick – A new online shop, The Choosy Chick is another marketplace that loves supporting safe, independent beauty brands like we do! We love love love their curated list of brands, they’ve got some on here you can’t find anywhere else!

Credo Beauty – Credo Beauty is a newer kid on the online safe beauty scene, but they’re kind of genius. They’ve worked hard to curate a stunning list of brands and have video of founders telling their story. They do an excellent job of sharing information, telling powerful stories and making it easy for you to find high quality, safe beauty products.

The Detox Market – With a brick and mortar store in Los Angeles and Toronto, the Detox Market has expanded their reach with an incredible online presence. With dozens of safe, effective brands to choose from, and experts doing the research, it’s hard to go wrong with this collection of excellent!

Eco Diva Beauty – An online resource for all things eco-chic, you can’t go wrong with the brands they carry. They also give a portion of the proceeds to several nonprofits so you can feel doubly great about buying from them.

Integrity Botanicals – Integrity Botanicals, in a word, rocks. They are so inline with the Kind Eye mission and you just can’t go wrong when buying from them. They carry some of our favorite brands, and offer a fabulous selection of travel sized products too (tough when it comes to the eco-friendly products!). They’re also nice humans who run the store, too, which is always an enormous plus!

Mindful Luxe – Mindful Luxe is a gorgeous online boutique launched in 2015 and with the same vision as many of the other wonderful online stores listed here. They maintain high quality standards when working with brands, choosing the best to be sure to deliver premium quality, sustainably produced beauty products to you.

Pharmaca – Pharmaca is an amazing store that carries a wide selection of personal care products. They started as a brick and mortar store in Colorado and have since grown to almost 30 stores all along the West Coast. They have a great online store with frequent discounts on products you can find here. We are affiliate partners with them.

Safe & Chic – Who doesn’t want to get great beauty products that are both safe and chic? Not us! Meet Safe & Chic, whose owner, Angela, has done tons of research to find safe products that meet her high bar.