Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kind Eye?

Kind Eye is an informational website, aimed to help consumers make easy and conscious shopping choices about personal care products without running all over town or the internet. We are not an e-commerce website, but we do provide links to where to purchase products for every product we have available on the website.

How many products are on the site?

We currently list over 1,500 products and over 90 brands, but our plans are grand and we will be continuing to add more all the time.

You're missing a brand/store/product!

Tell us! We are all digital ears and are happy to get feedback. This has been a labor of love and we love love love to learn, so please don’t be shy. 

Isn't the government regulating what goes into these products?

Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the governmental body that’s responsible for regulating cosmetics is unable to effectively do so as the laws put in place state that it is up to the individual company to be responsible for the safety of their product. Nor can they recall a product (though they can ask that a product is recalled). Additionally, companies, while required to add ingredients on their packaging, can disguise many of the most harmful ones by adding the term “Fragrance” or “Parfum” to their ingredient list because the law states that showing these ingredients would share proprietary information.

There is a strong lobby against any governmental oversight of this industry, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to make conscious decisions when purchasing products. Until the laws change, the best thing we can do is vote with our dollars.

But I'm only putting on a little bit, it's fine, right?

Maybe. But when you think about it, maybe not. Yes, there are a ton of environmental factors that can lead to health problems and if you’re reading this, you are probably aware of them.

But the average woman applies 12 products a day (this includes shampoo, deodorant, body wash, moisturizer, face wash, hair styling products, this is all before we even get to the makeup) and men, children and babies aren’t too far behind. We do this every single day for decades, some ingredients being absorbed into the skin, others eaten (see lipstick), others inhaled. So, while a little bit once may not cause harm, the cumulative effects of daily application of a plethora of products probably isn’t so great.

To be honest, there isn’t any bullet proof research to definitively prove the long term effects of these chemicals either way, but why take the chance if you don’t have to? We’re very fortunate to live in a world with increasing transparency and that’s what this website aims to do. If you are concerned about what you’re putting on your body every day and you know you have the option to buy a great product that’s made by a company with a conscience, we say why not?

How can I get involved?

So glad you asked! We are always looking for great partnerships with passionate, smart people who care about this topic. Please write us and tell us what you’re thinking!

I'm having technical problems, what should I do?

Well, we’re only human and the good news is if you’re reading this that means at least the website is up. 🙂 If the contact form isn’t working and something else is going on, feel free to email us directly.